Commercial Law

Massachusetts Business and Corporate Formation:

Our firm offers:

  • Corporate formation
  • LLC formation
  • Preparation of bylaws
  • Preparation of operating agreements
  • Preparation of partnership agreements
  • Preparation of business purchase and sale agreements

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Massachusetts Business and Commercial Trial Attorney:

For the parties involved, disputes are no fun; litigation is no fun; trials are no fun.  But sometimes they are unavoidable.  I, Susan T. Aguiar, on the other hand, love to litigate both as an intellectual pursuit and as an effective problem-solving tool.

My firm does not generate reams of paper to try to drown the adversary.  Our motion and discovery practice is targeted for specific and necessary results.

Although you and your business may not always be able to avoid a dispute, you can avoid being unprepared.  Litigation and trials are serious matters that require attention to detail and diligence.  More importantly, they require creativity, flexibility, and quick-wittedness. That is what this firm offers.  The method isn’t always obvious even if the goal is.

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    Andrew S., Client

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